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?These two are way ahead of the game and the only thing wrong with the delightful Hambre is that it has to end.?
The Stage

Compañia LA was founded by Stefano Di Renzo and Ruben Garcia Rio in June 2003, during their professional studies at The Circus Space in London, where they specialized in juggling and object manipulation.
Hambre is Compañia LA?s first piece and was premiered in 2007. It has toured internationally to theatres and festivals in Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany and recently at festival of Firsts08 at Royal Opera House.
The focus of Stefano and Ruben?s research and investigations is the relationship between narrative and physical language, examining potential meanings and story through object manipulation and corporal movement.
Compañia LA also work with circus and theatre companies including Company F.Z, The Generating Company and Cardboard Citizens.

As the situation becomes more difficult, and the sound of the stomach melts into the rhythm of the heart, friendship and conflict are served on the same dish.

Hambre shows the change in the everyday life of two brothers incarcerated in their home due to the outbreak of the war, with only a radio to connect them to the outside world. The piece follows the disintegration of their relationship as it becomes distorted by hunger and fear.
Using object manipulation, equilibristic and physical theatre, Compañia LA presents a grotesque world where plates and glasses fly around and eggs fall unbroken. Compañia LA works towards a dynamic fusion between circus and physical theatre with a surreal and light hearted twist.

running time: 40 min approx.

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