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Cie Condordance is a dance and live music company whose main core is composed of Maud Payen and Adil Kaced.

Maud Payen, dancer and choreographer, and Adil Kaced, composer and musician, met in the artistic hub of Montpellier. They worked together on various projects and discovered that they could combine their skills to create surprising and unique performances. Together, they founded Cie Concordance in 2007.

Since then, they have been producing two kinds of works: dance and music shows for indoor or outdoor resulting from field work, research and collaborations; and more experimental propositions based on a sensitive approach to the relationship between music and dance, the experience of improvisation, and capacity to occupy public space.

Adil and Maud take over the art by stripping it of its conventions and giving voice to a generation immersed into a self-discovery search. They work on immediacy and freedom to nourish their creativity and thrive to convey optimism and harmony to the audience.

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