Creatures Collective

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Creatures Collective bring curious imaginary creatures to life, with our enchanting walk-about performances. Our spectacular costumed creatures playfully interact with all-age audiences, drawing crowds, and complementing other festival content.

We are a collaborative collective, with a core team of three members, each with multiple talents. The innovative and intricate costume construction is driven by designer Katie Duxbury. This is teamed with experienced outdoor performers Jenny Reeves and Lucy Starkey, who skilfully bring the creatures to life with a mesmerising, inquisitive movement vocabulary. Our flamboyant flock dance the world colourful, painting dynamic, spontaeneous and joyful scenes.

Creatures Collective offer a small scale walk-about act with three performers. We use interactive dance theatre to entertain a wide audience. The work suits festivals with a sprawling site to aid the connectivity of activities. Our performers bring unique memorable moments to large and small scale events.

We offer a variety of packages, which includes our existing creature collections. In addition we are able to provide bespoke character design to fulfill specific festival requirements. We aim to tailor our walkabout creatures to specific events.

Our existing stock includes-
• A trio of 20’s inspired Jellyfish who drift, float and shimmer, reacting to humans and their world. With optional lights embedded into the creatures for a glowing night time spectacle.
• A trio of abstract colourful costumes inspired by plants and creatues of the sea, including a many limbed octopus and a sparkling tropical flower.

Our creatures have proved enchanting to children and adults alike, with people drawn to gaze upon and approach the beautifully unusual sights before them, and enjoy the interactions that unfold.

We are able to offer dance and making workshops as wraparound activities to our walk-about show.

We use a hidden PA to heighten our unusual presence.

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