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Created by Tanya Cusan-Espinosa, a multifaceted artist with a variety of skills that range from theatre and dance, to puppeteer, singer and maker.Tanya’s passion for visual storytelling has lead her to experiment with different possible stage languages and artistic disciplines.
Inspired by her Colombian roots and artistic background, Tanya continues to explore the power and possibilities of movement within puppetry. Investigating the notion of puppets as extensions of our bodies and the use of materials in different and innovative ways. She brings to life incredible characters, introducing the audience to some amazing mythological creatures inspired by Latin American culture and her mother’s stories.

Her shows, walkabouts and workshops, are a visual feast of colour, narrative, textures,costumes and landscapes made from textiles and recycled materials that the audiences are able to touch and explore. The work combines elements of dance, theatre, puppetry and song. The shows are very visual and generally non-verbal and therefore suited to a wide range of audiences.

One of her greatest achievements, is the inspiration, positive impact and confidence she have instilled in the lives of the 1000’s of children and adults that she engages with every year through her work. Introducing thousands of children and adults alike not only to theatre and dance but to Latin American culture.

Her work has previously been supported on many occasions by ACE.

Alongside her work as Cusan Theatre, Tanya also continues to work as an independent performer, actor, dancer, teacher, director, choreographer and puppeteer for other companies.

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