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de Roovers is an Antwerp-based theatre group of four performers/creators. They never work with a director, each creative process is a collective search for the story that needs to be told at that particular time. The actors immerse themselves in to literary theatre, molding classical repertoire such as that of Shakespeare, Tchechov and Aischylos to their will or setting to work with contemporary writers such as Paul Auster or Judith Herzberg. But you can just as well find them making theatre for children or venturing into musical theatre.

The collective came into being in 1994 when Robby Cleiren, Sara De Bosschere, Luc Nuyens and Sofie Sente graduated at the Conservatory of Antwerp. Photographer and set designer Stef Stessel, who has been a part of de Roovers’ trajectory from the very beginning, undeniably helps define the typical style of de Roovers.

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