Deux Sans Trois

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In ‘TYPO’ the four characters find out first hand how the group impacts the individual. You are what the others let you be. They push each others limits, get in each others way, and sometimes work surprisingly well together. They try to make the best of it despite (or because of) the others.

A typewriter, an old LP of the ‘king of rock and roll,’ and violin compositions by Jef Hendrikx, form the soundtrack of the show. Acrobats Annemie, Hanna and Toon show the images to create the music. But the roles aren’t fixed. What happens if an acrobat sings a solo? Or when a musician brings the main character into an acrobatic number? Using the rhythm of a typewriter, along with a touch of drama and a good dose of humor, we develop an authentic performance that speaks to the imagination of the audience.

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