Category: Artist

​Disciplines: circus (hand to hand, chinese pole, dans, physical theatre, flying ring)
Year of creation: 2013 (with the support of: Circuscentrum, Circusplaneet and Espace Catastrophe)
Time: 40 min
Age: from 6 years
street performance and/or for theaters

Everyone has something to hide!

But what lies behind the veil of our appearance? Another “I”? Naughty and disobedient? Or rather charming and brave? Whatever it is, without us even noticing it constantly slips through the meshes of our net.

“In-Controlado” tells about this part in our self that we feverishly try to hide until we can no longer hold it…

With a chinese pole, a mysterious closet and two capricious characters, this circus performance, both acrobatic and theatrical, funny and touching, will draw you in a quirky universe, on the edge of the magical and slightly absurd.

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