Dodgy Clutch Staged Presentations Ltd

Category: Artist

Type of production: Static day or night performance.

Forbidden entry to heaven, respected tribal Chief Zanenvula calls on his ancestors for an explanation. Reviewing his life and actions as they advise, he begins to understand how he has offended the Spirit of Africa.

What did he do, and how can he redeem himself?

Fifteen performers and musicians from South Africa and the UK use elaborate body puppets, gauze screen effects, brilliant acting and wonderful songs in the latest visual feast from Dodgy Clutch. Elephant celebrates Ubuntu (humanity) through an enchanting exploration of the themes of captivity, freedom and redemption.

Full length duration: 1 hour
Number of people on tour: approx. 17
Availability for touring: June 2005

Technical requirements: The show can be performed in either an indoor/theatre environment or a marquee (provided by Dodgy Clutch or the Booker). Both options require power & blackout facility. Marquee performances also require 60′ x 80′ ground space, security and stewards during performance times. Please contact the company for more detailed technical spec and requirements.

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