DUNDU – The Gentle Giants of Light

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Our family here at Dundu, through years of stellar craftsmanship, original live music, and finely- tuned puppeteering, brings a visual, interactive, mobile experience to your public. It is hard to describe the captivating nature of this glowing figure but when we see the lights light up in someone’s eyes, we know he has achieved our goal – to instill a simple sense of wonder and togetherness in adults and children. The only thing larger than this giant is his heart.
The hypnotising DUNDU puppets provide a stunning centre piece of every event environment. The sophisticated and innovative design is the creation of Tobias Husemann. Dundu’s transparent, flexible body, made up of individual fibre strands weaved together, is handled and steered by a team of 5 puppeteers who collectively breathe life into the gigantic puppets. Magical moments are created especially in harmony with the music of the Westafrican Harp Kora – the DUNDU Musik – by Stefan Charisius.Despite their monumental size and imposing appearance, the puppets move smoothly with natural grace and charm. They interact with the audience with surprisingly humanistic actions. The DUNDUs truly are something special. Words alone cannot describe their captivating nature, so see and experience them yourself.

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