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Albatross is a large scale theatre show combining physical performance with live music to create outdoor theatre of visual poetry without text. Employing a cast of 14 multi- skilled performers Albatross is an epic drama that tells the story of Antarctic explorers caught in the turmoil at the beggining of the last century. The narative combines the story of Shackelton’s fateful voyage with the symbolic pressence of the Albatross from Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner. This lareg scale show includes a ship built from alluminium to resemble Shackleton’s Endeavour and with a mast 50 feet high from which the Albatross flies.
The show runs for 1 hour and includes pyrotechnic and lighting effects.
This production is a night time show designed to be effective on a large scale.
Albatross is a show of broad poppular apeal and has been enjoyed equally by adults and young people.
Albatross was first performed in Oldham, 26 May 2003 and was funded by the Arts Council of England.
Albatross, concieved and directed by Mike Lister,
original music composed by Sean de Burca

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