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As a performer, after working in several companies including Arteszena, Adeshoras, Compañía de Vicente Sáez, Hojarasca, Q-ro y cía. and Maskarada, between 2000 and 2005, Asier Zabaleta became a member of the “Alias” company in Switzerland. In “Alias” he collaborated in the creation of six dance-theatre pieces as well as in many parallel projects, exhibitions and public improvisations, amongst other things.

ERTZA company was founded in 2004, and there Asier has created 11 theatre-dance pieces, as well as 9 street pieces and several other projects. They include workshops, artistic residences and audience sensibilisation programmes. Asier Zabaleta has been awarded many international prizes for his work, which has been seen in countries such as Corea, China, Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador, México, Israel, Russia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Portugal and Spain

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