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‘Top’ street magician Darren de lusion, and his long-suffering cameraman Barry ,bring street magic and glamour to your streets.

Darren performs feats of magic, spoon bending and telepathy that defy the laws of nature (and many trades descriptions laws !) while Barry brings out some Oscar winning performances from the crowd !!

Hilarious, highly interactive and highly mobile – “Tommy Cooper meets Peter Stringfelow,”

The Lifeguard
Perhed high on their chairs our lifeguards attempt to impose the timeless values of the municipal baths on the streets of your town. No smoking is permitted, no running tolerated and petting is right out!!
Their motto…Firm but fair

Anyone for Tennis….. Mobile

Strawberries – Cream – Action!
By popular demand, Britains top miniature, outdoor, comedy tennis show has just gone mobile.

Pulling the court, scoreboard and posh umpire behind him, our highly-strung tennis player searches streets, parks and town centers for worthy opponents.

The ensuing comedy match features everything about tennis that we love the best … painful injuries, temper tantrums, and of course slow motion replays.

The court is pristine, the umpire inscrutable and the sprinkler system is unpredictable and indiscriminate – it’s just like the real thing!

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