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Far From The Norm is the cornerstone of the hip hop community in the UK and is a critically and publicly renowned dance theatre company, led by Artistic Director Botis Seva.

Original, vital and fearless, Far From The Norm has carved a reputation as a highly skilled and experimental hip hop collective. Their burning scrutiny of public preoccupations, politics and the contemporary world fuels their work and demands a response.

We strive to make our work collaboratively and to continuously reinvent and discover new ways of deconstructing different hip hop and street dance vocabularies. We aim to impact a wide range of audiences, challenging their perceptions of hip hop as an art form and the narrative we are channelling, but we also aim to empower marginalised young people, by reflecting back that theatre is a space for them too.

Botis has created an organic devising process that punctuates intense periods of experimentation through the body alongside facilitating conversation, writing and imagery with his long-standing collaborators. Far From The Norm performers bring to the studio a range of dance styles from Popping to Breaking, Krump to House, and it is with their informed knowledge of different dance styles that Botis is able to question, learn and translate what else is possible.

Far From The Norm’s portfolio transcends live theatre performances, outdoor shows, immersive experiences and film. We tour nationally and internationally and we are continuing to develop strong partnerships around the world to nurture a new generation of hip hop dance theatre. Beyond the stage, Far From The Norm has a commitment to outreach, participation and artist development and we are embedding the development of artists at our core.

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