Feeding the Fish

Category: Artist

Cutting edge LED and laser technology is combined with breathtaking performance art and dexterity as Feeding the Fish bring technology to life in their latest show LIGHTWORKS.

Commissioned by Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2011 which was attended by over 100,000 people, Lightworks was declared ‘highlight of the festival’ by the organisers and inspired school groups, families and young people. The extremely visual spectacular is set to an up-to-the-minute soundtrack composed by Dave Randall (Faithless, Slovo), with spoken word emphasising the science component of the show – LED technology, RGB colour mixing and persistence of vision effects.
The show can be performed standalone or followed by an interactive workshop about the science of juggling.

Musical soundtrack, No text
4 Performers, 1 technician
Running time 25 mins
Suitable for all audiences
Indoors/outdoors, must have near blackout or be twilight or darker.

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