The Flying Buttresses

Category: Artist

The hugely popular Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth, an enchanting, interactive puppetry walkabout featuring an elderly couple of miniature proportions, with huge personalities and a not-so-firm grip on the ways of modern living. Having lived by themselves for hundreds of years, blissfully unaware of the changing world around them. this pint-sized pair have ventred out in search of fame, fortune and friendship, touring the world with their possessions strapped to their backs.

Although billed as a walkabout, the performance is often a series of small, static shows when crowds who are drawn to they uncanny illusion seem to find it impossible to leave as they are regaled with long-winded stories that never seem to go anywhere; but then what would you expect from a pair of ramblers… A truly unique and magical performance.


Duration: 45 minutes

Language: English

Key tech requirements: Stewards / Secure changing rooms.

Number of people on tour: 2

For Availability contact Fools Paradise. (address above)

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