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Fool Size Theatre established by Christopher Murray and Joanne Tremarco in 2012. Inspired by the qualities of the Fool, to be anything, say everything and go anywhere they create spontaneous, direct and surprising theatre using movement and physicality to take the audience on a made in the moment participatory journey. All their shows are visual and some language free, aiming to tap in to and turn on their head universal stories for all to access.
Exploring taboos as larger than life genitalia, conflict as Punch & Judy and the experiences of belonging/ joining in/ accepting the outsider as a gang of bikers in The Flock. Fool Size Theatre have toured shows travelling by means of bicycle, hitch-hiking ( and recently by aeroplane when the Atlantic present a problem to these prefered methods of travel). on top of their street Theatre work Fool Size also tour with a solo improvised play, Women Who Wank, a comical tragical exploration of feminine sexuality. also they work as foolish evaluators using a mix of fooling and live illustration to document processes.

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