Trophic Cascade

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Trophic Cascade invites a visiting public on a meditative and immersive, self-guided journeys through landscapes after the onset of darkness. During this time the landscape is transformed by a series of performances and light and sound installations produced by collective group of sound and light artists including Jony Easterby, Mark Anderson and Kathy Hinde, Ulf Pedersen and Esther Tew.

As transient and light as the birds themselves, these installations have been created using a mixture of low tech, low power equipment suitable for remote places, such as low energy lighting and small scale multi-speaker systems, low volt micro processors, electro-acoustic performances, projections and kinetic sculptures.

Trophic Cascade is a project led by lead artist Jony Easterby working in collaboration with festival producers world wide. They have collaborated with the New Zealand Festival, mac Birmingham, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, National Theatre Wales, Inside Out festival and Illuminate York.

The company can deliver productions ranging in scale involving the creation of new and existing works adapting and changing its form to a variety of contexts, delivering work which is adaptable in scale and content.

Their latest show ‘For the Birds’ continues to tour worldwide. In its latest sell out run at the 2016 NZ festival it was attended by 14,000 people.
‘A whole lot of thought, planning, problem-solving and engineering has gone into this exhibition to make it the most quirky, inventive thing I have seen….’

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