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Founded by choreographer and performer Jennifer Essex and poet Harry Man, Fully Booked Theatre joyfully blends the worlds of dance and poetry together to create energetic, interactive and endlessly inventive dance theatre performances and workshops for children aged 0 to 101.

“It’s rare to see a children’s show that has all of these combinations: storytelling, dance, participation, music and lots and lots of fun!”

– Claire Bigley, Creative Producer at Tmesis Theatre on Space Rebel Princess

“Thank you so much for Saturday – it was great fun and the children clearly loved getting involved.

You could see them grow in confidence through the performance and it is so good for their self-esteem.”

– Wendy Timothy Stock Services and Activities Officer, Tamworth Library

“Space Rebel Princess is a brilliant little show for children with a childlike playfulness at its heart. A great experience for those that took part and fabulously entertaining for those that watched.

Genuinely playful genius.”

– Adrian Turrell-Watts, Producer, Fittings Multimedia Arts

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Space Rebel Princess
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