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This performance is a comic tour around a city or festival site that invites the audience to ignore the obvious tourist attractions and to celebrate instead an unofficial view. It invites the audience to behave in a playfully subversive way. The three tour operators are beautifully observed and interact as a classic comic trio in this hour long performance. The tour comes in many forms-The Art Tour, The Burlesque Tour etc and has been performed in a wide variety of festivals and events

Knowledge in the age of misinformation is hard to come by.
Let these tour guides lead you around the sights of your festival showing you sites of special interests and places of cultural importance. They will amuse you with their irrelevant insights and entertain you with their opinions on everything but the hard facts.

Duration of performance at its full length: I Hour

?The ‘Misguided Tour’! What a delight? Cheltenham International Literary Festival 2006
?Fantastic? Larmartree Festival 2006
?And then around 150 fully grown people came skipping down the street. Unbelievable!? Director Belfast Festival of Fools 2005

Please name key personnel eg writers, directors, choreographers, composers ? the people who should be credited as makers/devisers of your show

John Lee Richard Cuming Sally Mann

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