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GK Collective is a theatrical research group founded in 2009 by Gabriella Cserhati. It develops a staging device called HiDDeN THeaTeR, which consists in introducing fiction into reality. The objective of the group is to give a new place to the illusion in everyday life to embellish it, but also to create another legitimacy in the theater in a society overloaded with new illusion’s generators.

The company has been exploring for several years different formats where the spectator is at the center of the research. They create participatory shows and consider the spectator as a priority: it is with him that we play, it is for him that we are there, we accompany him in his participation.

In December 2012, EMERGENCY is presented at Mains d’Oeuvres for a series of 50 performances. It is a play for a single spectator, an immersive show. Since then, EMERGENCY has been taken over at the Carreau du Temple, at Animakt, at Chalon in the Rue, at the Vent Se Leve, at Confluences, at the Faiencerie de Creil.

Then the GK Collective created EnVie. A spectacle for 21 spectators that is played entirely in the parisian subway, thanks to the support of Mains D’Oeuvres, Arcadi, Spedidam and Peripheral Space.

In 2014 and 2015, the GK works in the French part of the project of European cooperation in situ: HOTEL OBSCURA.

On the occasion of the COP 21 in 2015, the company returns to the subway with SUBWAY CLIMAT – staging from the gesticulated conference “Me, the end of the world, the price of gasoline and the weather tomorrow” d’Antoine Raimondi, with the support of the Ile-de-France Region.

In 2016, through PROUST., The GK Collective questioned the “connectionless” mode, and the limits of availability.

Since its existence, the company was accompanied by Mezzanine Spectacles on European projects. In January 2016, Productions Bis took over in production and booking, Akompani in administration.

The GK Collective has active members: Gabriella Cserhati, Cécile Dano, Isabelle Hazaël, Rachel Huet-Bayelle, Fabien Lartigue, Morgane Le Rest, Arnaud Lesimple, Csaba Palotaï, Quentin Pradelle and Julien Prévost.

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