Grotest Maru

Category: Artist

GROTEST MARU works in between dance and theatre and integrates physical and visual theatre, street and object theatre. Installation, land art and fine art are sources of inspiration.

Grotest Maru is searching for forms of communication, which cross cultural borders, either sensuously lavish either ascetically minimized

The members and guest artists of GROTEST MARU are international and beyond the background of cultural diversity they create universal dramatic images, to be understood worldwide, mostly without any words.

Our “ready for touring”- performances include parades (Parana Narrnia / Phalanx Bamboo / Aurum 79 – ca 8 persons) and scenic play NAUTIC MILES, which combines dance and stilts, object and shadow theatre (ca 14 persons). Fee – without travel + transport, accomodation + meals, local taxes, technical requirements -: parade: 2.500 EUR, play: 4.500 EUR

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