Hip Hop Collective

Category: Artist

Type of production: Static day or night performance.

Fasten your seatbelts, set your imagination to hyper-drive and hang on for a high-flying, action adventure as The League (a mighty crew of Hip Hop super-heroes) encounter one of Hip Hop’s new generation and take him on a quest to accept his destiny as one of the ‘chosen ones’.

In the style of Marvel Comics, The League is a rogue band of heroes who have joined forces together, each with their own super-human Hip Hop powers: Poppinator, a popping powerhouse; Lock-or, the philosophical Locking King; the Wonder Twins, B’boy and B’girl who can Break into a storm and, the beats-master himself, Ware-House. Together they hold the keys to Hip Hop’s past but they realise they must pass on their knowledge: “without the new generation the old is forgotten… learn your history or you’re doomed to repeat it.”

It is our young hero’s destiny to keep the old alive.

Full length duration: 50 minutes
Number of people on tour: 11
Availability for touring: June 2005

Technical requirements: Outdoor and indoor performances. Portable sprung floor, approx. 9m x 6m with smooth, even surface. Lighting required if performed at night. Please contact the company for more detailed technical spec and requirements.

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