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In 2004 she travelled to England, where she was awarded, in 2007, a Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) Honours Degree in Contemporary Dance by the Northern School Of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. That same year she moved to Spain, where she participated as a dancer and musician in Cadiz along with the choreographer Jivko Jeliazkov from Derida Dance Company. Then, in Madrid, she collaborated with directors such as Miguel Angel Alvarez, Sebnem Yuksem and Lucyanna Pettengyl.

Since 2008, she enrolled as a dancer in the piece Desordances 4 from Dani Pannullo Dance Theatre, and in the following year she joined the choreographic line at the Conservatorio Superior De Danza Maria De Avila in Madrid, which she graduated in June 2013. Throughout those years she worked with several dance/theatre companies such as Laboratorio C (Estacion Dignidad in 2009) directed by Francisco Leiva, Mey-Ling Bisogno Dance Company (Peep Box in 2012), and participated in the last work of choreographer Lucio Baglivo (No Land in 2013).

In parallel to her activity as a dancer, in 2010 she began collaborating as a choreographer with Aruthur Bernard Bazin, and together they created the piece Discordio- winner of the 1st price at the First Vallecas Chorographic Competition in Madrid. In June 2011 both were invited to share a creative process at La Gomera Choreographic Center, where they began to work on the project Te Odiero.

Thanks to this piece they received several awards from competitions in Spain, Germany and France. In 2013 they created the Hurycan company and premiered their new work Je Te Haime awarded at the 27 International Theatre & Dance Fair, Huesca (Spain), as the best dance performance.

Arthur: Began in drama in the outskirts of Paris, where he was coached by Frederic Batiste. He continued to train in the French capital combining drama with visual arts studies, following which he was eventually awarded a General University Diploma in Plastics Arts (DUG) by the University of Paris. In 2007, he arrived in Madrid where he enhanced and furthered his drama and body awareness training at La Usina school. That same year, he began his training and collaboration as a dancer with Camille C. Hanson at the Ladinamo Danza dance company. Then he participated in the first creation of the La Pharmaco dance theatre company : El libro de los Venenos – directed by Mariluz Arcas. This received the 2009 Malaga Crea and 2009 Injuve prizes. In autumn of 2009, he joined the María de Ávila High Conservatory of Dance in Madrid and in July 2010 he collaborated with the Dehecho dance company on El sueño del Insomne.

In September that year, he was invited by Sharon Fridman (Projects in Movement), to engage in the creative process of Al menos dos caras, awarded in 2011 by the Feria International of Huesca (Spain) and Hasta Donde, winner of the first prizes of the Burgos-New York international choreografic contest (Spain) in 2011 and the VIII Iberoamericano contest of choreography Alicia Alonso (Cuba) in 2012. In summer 2012 he worked as choreographic assistant in the Rizoma project and still works with this company present day.

In 2010 he start a conducted research with Candelaria Antelo, following which they created a piece entitled Discordio which won the 1st Choreography Contest in Vallecas (Spain). In July 2011 they were invited to an artistic residency in the ‘La Gomera choreographic center’ where they start the creative process of “Te Odiero”.

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