Jilted Pig

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The Poste de Reistance
In a time of social change, two revolutionary postal workers have been forced underground in a desperate bid to keep the post office alive. Armed with a belief in the magic of post, they are fighting against the barrage of effortless communication that happens at the click of a button. Set in the back of a transformed van, The Poste de Resistance is performed to a limited audience who are seen by the postal workers as both customers and co-conspirators. Jilted Pig draw the audience into their unexpected world in this innovative, interactive and immersive performance.

The Bath Ladies
Dressed in pristine white towels, the well-to-do bath ladies are lost and in search of somewhere to wash. Utilising the space around them, the ladies try to take a bath wherever they can, switching between their initial confidence and embarrassment as they realise they are not appropriately dressed.

Pest Control
Two oversized renegade insects, the snail and the greenfly, have eaten one cucumber too many and the gardener has had enough. The battle of the beds is on as the pests go head to head with the gardener to escape her net. A fun, highly visual and interactive walkabout.

The Postal Workers
The underground postal workers from the Poste de Resistance have left their van to encourage people to fight the PAP (People Against Post). Find them, join the Resistance and write a postcard. They may even have a parcel for you.

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