Jo Bithume

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The Company Jo Bithume, bringing together several generations of artists from different horizons, give priority to meetings, exchanges and sharing. It’s about 50 artists, comedians, musicians, technicians, directors and administrative staff…fascinated by comedy, circus, music and journey… all convinced that theater should be popular, close to the public, especially the public who does not enter in theaters. Today, the company refocus on its artistic desires and develops projects of performances which will grows from the end of 2010.

La Belle Abondance
A theatrical interactive food experience with a gypsy family. Food is cooked with loving care and shared with the audience.

The kitchen is fitted with a sound and light system, set up in the middle of the street. It takes two and a half hours for five to cook with loving care a delicious dish to be shared with the audience. In a gypsy atmosphere, the meal preparation is a pretext for a poetical and ludicrous situation which involves lots of interaction with the public.

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