Joan Catala i Carrasco

Category: Artist

A proposal that eliminates the boundaries between dance, circus, theatre and performance; between audience and spectator. A natural review of artisan techniques and own memories. A sample changing, only as a result of the interaction with the Viewer.

A work that is born from the observation of craft work, the study of the body, that highlights the beauty of movement when working.

A sense of community, an ephemeral ritual, a dialogue with nature and the individual, an experience that creates complicity and magnetism.

Pelat is silence, expectation, strength, tension, and magical, spontaneous participation. Pelat is body poetry. Pelat is ritual, movement and collective action.

The first solo show by this young multidisciplinary creator trained in the plastic arts, theatre, circus and dance, with an extensive international CV: Circo Klezmer, Mudanzas, Circo Sincler, Bolna Kist, Daraomai, La Fura dels Baus, Sarruga, Mal Pelo.

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