Johannes Bellinkx

Category: Artist

Johannes Bellinkx (Belgium, 1978) graduated in Mime from the Amsterdamse Theaterschool in 2013. At that time he was already working for several successful artists in the Netherlands and abroad, and was a performer and scenographer at Theater TUIG.

Bellinkx’ visual language cannot be captured in a narrative or discourse and is characterised by its low-threshold and open character. In his work, he makes a radical choice for the concept, then seeks out the disciplines most appropriate to this. For the same reason, he also consciously seeks to initiate co-creations with makers from a range of disciplines. He also always enters into an association with the space.

In 2014, he developed a pilot resulting in his first large-scale project, Framing. 

Alongside his work as a maker, Bellinkx is also active as a performer or director working for others. He has, for example, performed with Ro theater, Prins te Paard and Gienke Deuten and directed Merel Kamp’s performance Knoopunt.

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