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Kaña is a street theatre show (itinerant) visual an striking. A vehicle came from and unknown place from the future, overrunning the streets with his ?infernal? music; Strange and crazy stiltsmen interacting with the audience, iluminating and ?purifying? the space with their fireworks.

MUSIKO MOSKAS is conceived as a itinerant show of street theatre and live music in which a group of Musician flies with his fly nest?, walking around, playing their musical compositions.
The characters are nine: seven musicians (a drummer , xylophone player, two trumpets (one of them on stilts), a trombonist (on stilts) and two saxophonists). Additionally, a character on jumping Stilts making spectacular jumps and extravagant movements. Another person will go inside the vehicle driving, moving the chair with the drummer and making the role of sound technician.
The MUSIKO MOSKAS are funny flies that with their music, rhythm and movements invite audience to enjoy with. Continuous interaction with the public, the joint actions of all these friendly bugs, which are moving through space, making stops, playing accompanied with funny choreographies, achieve Musiko Moskas a different, innovative and entertaining show for all audiences.

RAINBOW INVADERS: Daylignt show-parade with 7 artists (6 stilts-man an 1 Driver). They go over the streets, to transform an fill them with The Colour of Life, The 6 stilts-man (3 of 3 m and 3 of 2,60 m height) divided in couples in 3 colors (blue, red and yellow). Every couple carries a tripod.structure of 3 x 3 x 3 m. with a giant catapult to throw 6 spheres de 1 m. They play and act with audience, throwing confetti everywhere an dillin the streets with their colours and dynamism.

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