Kawa Circus

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Kawa Circus (INDIA)

The mystical and magical wandering circuses of Rajasthan are a tradition stretching back centuries. This special production takes audiences into their rarely seen world, through an inventive show featuring a fusion of live music, dance, puppetry, theatre and breath-taking circus skills. Kawa Circus tell the story of an itinerant troupe of street performers, arriving with all their materials and charm. Audiences get to share the intimacy of the company, with its tyrannical director, mesmerising traditional dancer, funambulist (Indian rope walker), athletic acrobats and daring pole-vaulter – with the background musicians providing rhythm and drama and unable to resist poking fun at their colleagues antics. With colourful scenery, fascinating music, rapid costume changes, hilarious actions and some extreme stunts this is a wonderful feature for any festival or community event.

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