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Kazzum is for young audiences, who are the most discerning. We want to entertain and inspire them. And we do!

We’re about theatre – the theatrical experience – which we believe works as well in a festival field as on a traditional stage. In a classroom as well as in a car park.

We don’t do traditional shows or have audiences sitting in rows in a theatre. We DO have them move around, get involved and be part of the action. We create all our shows from scratch, working with the best professionals, often from outside children’s arts. So our offer is always fresh, playful and unexpected, bringing children and young people to new ways of understanding and exploring the world around them. We want our theatre to be as dynamic as the world in which young people live.

Enjoyed especially by 4 to 8-year-olds, our family shows for festival and event bookings are entertaining, with a side order of new ideas and new ways of looking at the world.

For teenagers and secondary school years, we present immersive theatre that evolves from talking to young people themselves, listening to their concerns and bringing their creative ideas into the mix.

We’re quietly inclusive: it’s in our being. Shows and workshops can happen anywhere, so we can take them to people who have few other occasions to encounter theatre.

We want every young person to be able to engage with live performance, whether as an artist, a participant or an audience member. We believe young people are entitled to expect the same from theatre as anyone else: a high quality experience that will entertain them and stimulate their imaginations.

We think you’ll find that we’re not just the best, but (so far) the only professional theatre company in the UK purely focusing on outdoor and site-specific work for children and young people

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