KUD Ljud (Artistic collective Ljud)

Category: Artist

The INVASION project is a mixture of visual spectacle and interaction between audience and actors, an unconventional and exiting new expression based on non-verbal physical theater and site-specific live compositions.

The main focus of the project is examining questions of multicultural societies and the conventions of behavior in the public space.

Through a light and playful narrative (pink intergalactic immigrants from outer space accidentally landing on our planet) we are inviting the audience to react spontaneously, play and actively confront their own personal xenophobia.

The project is constantly testing the border between fiction and reality with a goal to establish theater performance as a game, a ritual and a social event. Every alien character has its own story, its own ways of communicating and challenges the public in a different way.

The INVASION can happen in the day or at night and can surprise the audience at any festival or special event. The aliens appear on squares, streets, parks or even indoor spaces, being interactive they are well suited for openings and promoting the festival.

The project can be presented in very different scales: from a single walking act/parade to a complete city invasion including the huge landed spaceship, workshops, pink installations, main performance and site-specific actions throughout the city.

The project was developed as a co-production with La Strada Festival of Graz and supported by the IN SITU network.

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