La Belle Image

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The Belle Image is a group of 12 dancing musicians; 3 clarinettes, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, and 2 percussions and a sousaphone who have been performing together for over 15 years.

DIABLADAS CORPS SOUFFLANTS-The Belle Image is the first street fanfare to have a professionally choreographed dance performance. A concert of 55 minutes, accoustic and mobile. Requirements are simple, a flat(ish) area of ground 8x8m ? can be seen by about 300 people.

LA BUYA DE FANDANGO- 120 minutes of south american dance music. Our aim is with entrancing rhythms to entice the public onto the dance floor?We perform on low staging adjacent to a wooden dance floor. Accoustic, outdoors, noctural or daytime performance. Requirements a flat(ish) area of ground 10x10m? can be seen by about 300 people. This can be performed without the dance floor if the ground is suitable.

SON DE LOS DIABLOS- 75minutes of full south american extravaganza- the story of the sounds of the devil, a stage act with fireworks and sound system. Choreography, music and fireworks. Requirements a flat(ish) area of ground 18×25 m ? can be seen by about 3000 about people. 13 musicians 5 technicians

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