La Patriotico Interesante

Category: Artist

The Chilean company La Patriotico Interesante has for the past 10 years been developing a popular theatrical language, accessible to everybody, in which visual imagery, movement and music harmonise with text. Its themes, drawn from contemporary society, target human activities which lead to injustice and disparity. Its research focuses on the individual who, programmed by social, material and emotional conditions, must fight to carve out his/her cwn story. Its a committed and popular theatre which uses spectacle, irony, and the energy of rock music to establish a political and poetic dialogue with the spectator. In the past few years, the company has created residencies in creation and presentation in festivals in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Spain, Germany and Morocco, among which stands out the Festival de Aurillac (France) and the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro (Colombia).

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