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La Reial was created by Barcelona Theatre Institute graduates, Laia Alsina and Jordi Centellas, for the purpose of showing theatre creations on location stages, otherwise known as “site-specific” or “experience” theatres.

The company’s plays are conceived with specific sites in mind, emphasizing the importance of the surroundings within the play, while integrating the play into the location as well.

This departure from the type of shows played in traditional theatres represents our spirit of risk-taking, experimentation, research and the exploration of new relational avenues with the audience. It also reaffirms our belief that theatre can be represented in any place where there’s a captive audience.

All of our plays share certain core traits, such as blurring the limits of reality and fiction with our own language and style, as well a preference for more popular, rather than elitist, audiences. Last but not least, our core comes a strong theatrical tradition of character creation, plot development and acting performance. Our production staging strives to go beyond conventionality and becomes a surprising experience for the audience.

The Reial has performed in various international festivals around the world such as Edinburgh, SIRF and Brighton in the UK, Arkhangelsk (Rusia), Maasmechelen (Belgium), In Teatro (Italy), St. Patrick’s (Ireland), Torrelavega (Spain) and Tàrrega (Catalonia) among others.

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