La Sonámbula

Category: Artist

LA SONAMBULA (The sleep-walker)is a new company born in Barcelona this last year 2006 with LA MUERTE ES MENTIRA (Death is a lie):a Show of music and dance and photography , a experimental work of one dancer and stage designer (Monica Quintana), one photographer (Gerard Ortigosa-Liaz) and two musician (Vincent Abellan and Gonzalo Colosía. Percusion on stage in Manchester Javier Malaguilla).The result is a Rítmic-Visual-Nocturn-Cabaret for all the audience, for all the ages and for all the nacions, because it has no words. It can be perfomed inside or outside .It only needs one space of 5.50 x5.oom obscurity and one plug.

Running time :40 minutes
Number of people on tour :4

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