Larbre a Nomades

Category: Artist

L’Arbre à Nomades is a Company of street theatre and theater for youth created in 1994, exit of the group The Court of Miracles, created in 1988. Its artistic direction is lead by Bruno Eckert from its creation.

Since its creation, the Company L’Arbre à Nomades has worry to alloy two artistic disciplines: drama and arts plastics.

It is in this perspective that the Company offers as well street shows, shows for young public as of plastic workshops and theatres for all publics.

Regrouping actors, plastic surgeons, costumers, technicians and administrative staff, the group tries to alloy their respective competences to offer poetic and spectacular events.
This team gets involved in a volunteer way in partnership with urban and country, social implements of development and also offers advices in organization, implemented, creation of events and cultural season.

Since spring 2000 and until 2011, L’Arbre à Nomades’s project was registered by the Ministry of Culture.

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