Les Commandos Percu

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Energy in motion.

Music that speaks to the guts. For more than 20 years, Les Commandos Percu have been creating a new and ancestral language, that speaks through cultures and genres. They traveled the world with their innovative percussion work and specialized knowledge of fireworks. The essential sparkle to the fusion between music and fireworks is movement: street to street, amongst the public, the pyro-musicians enlighten the sky with their rhythms.

« Coming from the beginning of time and from the future, Les Commandos Percu remind us that we live on a ball of fire and that there is no greater sorcery than this fusion of the circle of fire, which removes the shadows and brings men closer. Giddiness, fireworks of emotions, immediate feelings of touching the essence of humanity, the spectacles of Les Commandos Percu are a kind of initiation into our human condition in its terrible and elementary beauty. » GIL PRESSNITZER

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