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Lingua Franca World Music Agency promotes and develops artistes from all over the globe. Artists presenting at the Xtrax Showcase will be from of a variety of musical disciplines and styles from different cultures.

Cosmopolitan Nights Djs – DJ Geli (UK/Peru)
DJ/ broadcaster (Cultural Collage on ALL Fm) Geli will be co-hosting the Lingua Franca showcase and playing a wide variety of world beats.

Jali Nyonkoling Kuyateh (Gambia)
A jali is a storyteller and our Jali is somewhat of a legend in the North West for his haunting vocals and Kora playing.

Zhou Juan (China)

Zhou Juan will be displaying traditional Chinese Art Forms, her skills include Chinese Opera and folk songs, sword dancing, tai chi and fan performances.

Olivia Moore (UK)
A classically trained violinist, Olivia Moore?s distinctive world music style reflects her personal journey through many different musical genres.

Diene Sagna (Senegal)
Diene is internationally renowned for his expertise in traditional West African dance styles, including the Senegalese Sabar and the Djembe.

Calaita (Spain/UK)
Chico Pere (voice), Glenn ?El Afilaó (guitar), Araceli ?La Catagenera? (dance) and Pepe ?El León? (cajón) infuse FEAST with Flamenco fire.

Serge Tebu Band (Cameroon/UK)
Multi-instrumentalist, and composer, Serge Tebu introduces a Cameroonian sensibility to the world jazz scene with his multinational band.

Cosmopolitan Nights DJs – Yasin (Kashmir)
Producer and Presenter of Riddim and Raag (All Fm), Yasin is also known for his role in the Freedom Masses Sound System.

Paprika Balkanicus electrify audiences with their witty and fiery blend of traditional and Gypsy music from the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

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