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The company los 2play was created in 2006. Leticia García, Julián González, Óscar Santamaría and Cristina Solé decided in mid 2005 to share ideas for their first show “come back”. Directed by Leandre Ribera, “come back” would grow to be a show with all the necessary ingredients to be on tour for 6 years. The simplicity of its format, that fact that no words are used, the simple set up of its scenography, the high technical level of both acrobatics and comedy and, more than anything, the trust between its characters both off and on stage, is what has made “come back” such a highly successful show.
“Come back” has been performed at a multitude of festivals around the world, primarily street theatre festivals. It has toured many festivals, the most significant festivals in Europe.
In Italy: “Sur Filo del Circo” Grugliasco (Torino), “Dov’è l’elefante?” Bardoneccia. In the UK, “Hat Fair” , “Mouth of Tyne Festival” in Tynemouth, “Watch this space” at the National Theatre in London. In Austria the festival of “La Strada”, in Graz and “Festival der Träume” in Innsbruck,. In Germany “Moers Festival Circus” in Moers and “Kleines Fest “ in Hannover. In Belgium at festivals such as “Humoroligie” in Kortrijk-Marke, the “Pistes Aux Espoirs” in Tournai , “Festival International Des Arts De La Rue” in Chassepierre, “Roeselaars Straattheaterfestival de Groote Stooringe” in Roeselare and “Mira Miro” in Gent. In France “Festival International de Theatre De Rue” in Aurillach, “Chalon Deans La Rue” in Châlon-sur-Saône ,“fest arts” in Libourne and at “Leu Tempo festival” in the Reunion Islands.
Crossing the Atlantic, “Polo Circo” in Buenos Aires (Argentina) , at the “Trompo Mágico” in Guadalajara, (Mexico) at the “Festival Internacional De Artes De Calle“ in Manizales (Columbia), at the “Virada Cultural” in Sao Paolo (Brazil); also in other countries such as Paraguay and Equatorial Guinea, performing shows and social workshops.
Also at state festivals such as “Magdalena Circus”, in Castelló de la Plana; “Mostra Internacional de Mim “ in Sweden, “Mostra Internacional de Pallassos “ in Xirivella, at the ”Expo” in Zaragosa, “Umore Azoka – Feria de Artistas Callejeros” in Leioa, “Festival de Teatro” of El Ejido, “Festival Internacional de Arte en la Calle -Mueca” (winning the prize in 2008) in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, “Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes de Calle” in Valladolid, “Feria Europea de Artes Escénicas-FETEN”, in Gijón.
In Catalunya “Fira del Circ de Catalunya-Trapezi” in Reus, “Festival Internacional de Circ i Firaires-Trapezi” in Vilanova i la Geltrú, “Fira de Teatre al Carrer ” at Tàrrega, “Festival de Circ l 1, 2, 3 del Pallasso” at Tiana, “festival de teatre còmic -Ple de Riure” in Masnou, “La Fira de Circ al Carrer” in Bisbal d’Empordà; “La troupe, Circ a tot ritme” at the National Theatre of Catalunya and at “la Mercè Arts de Carrer” in Barcelona, and at the “Festival Internacional de Pallassos” in Cornellà.

In 2012 Cristina Solé and Leticia García together with new company members Joan Ramon Graell and Fernando Melki created the companys’ second show. “Starfatal”, faithful to the companys’ style in both technique and comedy, has been touring many street theatre festivals around the world for the past 2 years. Once again directed by Leandre Ribera, “Starfatal” has been presented at such festivals as: “Festival Cultural de Rua de Itaparica” in Brazil, “Callejeando” the Fiestas of San Isidro in Madrid, “Tête à Tête” in Rastatt Belgium, luglio Bambino Festival in Florence, Italy (winning the Critics Prize in 2012), “Cirque Aalst” in Aalst, Belgium, “festival de teatre còmic -Ple de Riure” in El Masnou, Spain, “Les Turbulentes” in Vieux-Condé, France, ”Kleines Fest” in Hannover, Germany, “Échapées Belles” in Alençon ,France, “Watch this Space” in London, UK, “Renc Arts” in Pornichet, France, “Au Bonheur des mômes” at the Grand Bornand, France… amongst many others.

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