Lost Boys Productions

Category: Artist

Our work bridges the gap between cinema and theatre and is also influenced by literature. We write, create and produce our own theatrical productions and always explore these projects through experimental street theatre.
Our current street theatre includes:
TITS News Crew – A walkabout performance that sees a news crew covering the festival whilst alos searching for a mysterious creature that lives off faecal matter. The roving reporter engages with the public directly and all footage is edited an put on youtube that night.
Kings of Hollywood – Douglas Fairbanks is chased through the locations of the festival, evading his captors through energetic movement and staged combat including sword fights. Charlie Chaplin gets up to mischief at the festival often resulting in him being chased by a policeman.
A Christmas Carol – Lostboys have a full promenade performance of the Dickens classic and this can be performed indoors or outdoors as required.

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