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Magic theatre Serpentes is creative brand that combines power of art with inventive side of play and ingenious communication skills.

Our mission is to harmoniously integrate art and everyday life, encourage synergies of various cultures and traditions, encourage the awareness of the divinity of nature and man and last the necessity of the concept of sustainable development.

Our nonverbal performances provide universal understanding and are tailored to fit any ambience and target audience.

Our creative method is based on the belief that the various arts are derived from single archetypal base. We perform unique synergy of costumes and masks, dance, acrobatics, music and film. For the realization of our concept, the appearance and activity of archetypal characters is of essential importance. They are magical Avatars whotransgress from the Supernatural dimensions into this world and lead viewers on a journey to a multidimensional world of Creative Imagination.

We celebrate and enjoy spiritual health that comes with magical part of life. Our goal is to reconnect human existence with lost cosmic vitality and ancient mysteries.

From 1995 onwards, we have proven ourselves in almost all forms of event¬†industry. Our production includes studio for characters and complete creative and technical services. We offer event planners a wide range of attractions for cultural, corporate, promotional and social events…all available for worldwide contracts.

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