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The Galvonium
A curious interactive musical instrument featuring some unexpected components. Supported by Without Walls.

Tonefloat is full-fat sonic spectacle based on a mobile musical milkfloat – featuring a computer controlled percussion battery of tuned milkbottles, DIY sound generators & interactive devices.

The soundscape generated during performance ranges from abstract minimalism and gentle melodics to mash-up exotica and dadaist dancehall.

The show is well suited for promenade or static performance, as either a main attraction or support, and can run for minutes or hours.

Tonefloat won the popular vote of the *Peoples Choice* at the UKs first *Art Car Parade* in Manchester, September 2007.

The Galvonium has been commissioned by Without Walls for touring in Summer 2009.

Audience Direct Quotes:
*Im sure Kraftwerk would be honored to hear your version of Autobahn… played on milkbottles..!*

*Oh, youve got to see this, its fxxin brilliant*

*Amazing. I was feelin a bit low earlier but this has really made my day. Thanks.*

*Where the hell are you from ? Ive never seen anything like it. Its crazy.*

*Gosh, that was great: I was so excited I wet myself*

*Have you got any CDs to sell?*

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