Marga Socias

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Marga Socies is above all a storyteller, who draws the audience in through her serene, easy and witty personality towards her imaginary, with which she establishes ironic/unexpected connections between the senses, body and memory. She has been touring extensively around the world telling stories in different formats and for varied audiences, with little more than an umbrella or a folder and always creating an intimate and memorable atmosphere.
Trained as a performer, Marga Socies, also holds a degree in Philosophy and Pedagogy from the University of Barcelona. From 2002 to 2012, she has been a member of Teatro de los Sentidos, an international company specializing in what is known as Sensorial Theatre. Marga has been collaborating in all the performances as a co-creator and as a performer under the direction of Enrique Vargas. In 2009 she founded the platform Planeta 15 with Gabriel Hernández with the aim to keep developing interactive experiences through the poetics of the body and spaces. Among other productions they created: Hotel Aurelia/Hotel Nikolaj a transformation of the Museum into a wonderful and philosophical seaside hotel where longing and disappearance were recurrent themes. Awarded by the Danish public in the top ten best installations. 2011-2012. More than 20,000 people visited.
At the moment she is interested in how to open doors to other worlds. She works mainly with curiosity, the truth and the lie.

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