Matias Zanotti

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Matias Zanotti began his training as an actor in 1995 in Córdoba – Argentina. There he discovers his passion: the language of costumes on stage. In 1999 he began to research in the creation of costumes with a playful, non-conventional concept, building characters and entering into short performances.

In 2001 he premiered his first show “PLAYBACK, atuendos caprichosos”, with which the company TEATRO LIRICO DE MUÑECAS was born, together with Soledad Oviedo. During these years, he took part as a costumer in different theatrical productions while continuing to develop himself as an interpreter. In his formation is emphasized the influence of his perform at the theater “LA COCHERA” directed by Paco Giménez (Córdoba). In 2002 he was the director of the opening of the MERCOSUR Festival. In 2003 he released his second show “CHICLE GLOBO” (Chewing Gum Balloon). In 2004 he won a training scholarshipin Italy, where he spent a year immersed in the world of fashion. In 2005 he finally settled in Madrid.

His creations are born from the crossing of languages and the investigation of diverse artistic disciplines. His proposals are an exotic interdisciplinary and cultural encounter that includes dance, theater, video, lyric singing, circus, plastic arts, characterization and fashion design. Matias Zanotti has participated in various festivals in Spain and Latin America such as Festival Internacional del MERCOSUR (Córdoba-Argentina), Festival ULLS (Barcelona-Spain) Festival UNIDANZA de la Universidad Carlos III (Madrid-España), Festival de Cine Social de Torrijos (Toledo-España) and participated in Batalla de las flores (Murcia-Spain), among others. He designed and created the shows “RETORICO” and “DOMUS DEI” for the City of Torrijos and the show “OPUS” for the Archaeological Park of Carranque. He has worked for important commercial brands performing personalized shows.

Currently, he develops his independent career as a creator, director, actor, teacher and costume designer. In addition, he participates in the European project Crossing Stages, directedby Sergio Blanco in the Classroom of the Arts and as a dresser in the Dance Laboratory of the Carlos III University (Madrid-Spain).

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