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MBD creates and delivers bespoke experiences that share untold stories to inform, entertain and inspire people from all walks of life.

MBD was established in 1997 as a touring theatre company. A few incarnations and over twenty years later we have combined all of that theatre experience with a bit of visual arts, street arts, heritage interpretation, large scale performance, a full scale recording studio and an ongoing interest in technology.

MBD now operates in the arts and heritage sector offering a range of experiences from large-scale spectacles to intimate VR experiences. MBD has a strong track record of creating and producing arts and heritage experiences that blend theatrical narrative with new technology. MBD is constantly experimenting with the latest technology to find new ways to present our work and reach new audiences.

“Their use of new technology, performance and soundtrack offers a uniquely atmospheric experience that truly engages”

Mark Bradshaw, National Trust

MBD Services:

Artistic Direction – MBD design and direct shows of any scale. Indoors, outdoors, performance, installation or exhibition. Throw us a challenge.

VR – We design and create amazing, beautiful and moving VR experiences.

Performances and Events – Any place, any size, indoors or outdoors. We bring spaces to life.

Exhibitions and installations – We make creative, immersive and animated experiences for arts, heritage or visitor attractions.

Interactive tours and trails – We bring to life exciting spaces through audio and visual tours for phones and tablets.

Oral archiving projects – We collect and record memories. Generate audio stories about the places we live. Create listening posts or trails.

Animation – We create bespoke animations for screens, buildings or any unusual shape.

Projection mapping – We wrap all of those lovely animations onto buildings or structures of any size or shape.

Sound design – We make soundtracks with atmospheric, musical and voice over content. From headphones to stadium PA’s we make sound sound great.

Anything else? – Tell us what you need, chances are we can do it.

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Our Videos

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