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Mechanical Menagerie are a team of artists working with fire, sound, video, performance and kinetic sculptural art to produce a variety of site specific installations, street shows and performing sculptural oddities!

The Flame Garden is our current passion, re-imagining spaces after dark, to be explored in the world of flame and shadow. Whether an urban housing estate, a city centre, a tranquil woodland or a lake, the Flame garden is site specific to land or water environments, transforming them into completely new wonderlands.
Using fire, sculpture, projections, shadow puppetry and sound, each installation is tailor designed to its site.

I currently also touring with ‘Alfonso Milanos Mechanical Marvels
A robotic puppet show, the weirdest musical ever seen, a non-roadworthy, fully moveable vehicle spewing fire…..this show is a tricky one to describe!

Pulled by an obviously long suffering slave on a penny farthing and driven on by the dwarf skeleton of circus master Alfonso Milano himself, the caravan of Mechanical Marvels emerges from time itself.

Visibly patched up and repaired over centuries, it is a strange mixture of medieval, victorian and present day aesthetic.

Fire, smoke, bubbles, music and movement present a odd event within an even odder spectacle.

The Elementree’- a 4 metre tall, multi effect, steel oak tree that houses fire, water and sound effects-all of which can be controlled by the public. It makes for a fascinating piece of interactive street art, with the public truly taking control.

On a smaller scale I perform as one half of the Art Cannon street show, which involves a full sized, firing cannon, art and lots of mess!

For information on any of these, please follow the show links or contact me to discuss your event or specific installation needs.

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