Mr. Image Theatre

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When Iva & Petar, after 15 years of making their theatre plays for the stage and performing it on the stage, decided as an experiment to move their theatre literally among the audience, to explore the impact of their super-realistic masks in face-to-face and direct interaction with the audience – that is when Mr. Image Theatre happened.

They could never have imagined that it will, in just a few years time, result in such a huge success in The Netherlands and abroad.

By exploring the mask as – the most important component of their theatrical expression, they have created in the frame of Mr. Image Theatre a vast range of very successful productions.

From highly sophisticated, technically advanced mask creations as in Project Kloon, through comic and grotesque characters like in De Butler Brothers and Femmes-Fatales, to into details replicated beetles looks and movements they have studied and realised for the street theatre performance Big Bugs Show, – they achieved an enviable level on possibility of use and meaning of mask in their theatre.

Mr. Image Theatre Group consists now of professional actors, dancers, and performers, from most various backgrounds, with Iva & Petar Mandick as the artistic directors of the company.

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