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nakupelle (naked fool) is a Finnish & American duo based in the Netherlands. Created in 1992 with
the goal of creating contemporatry, original work based on circus, slapstick, mask and commedia dell’arte. In a quest for a universal style, all of their shows are either silent or in grammelot.

Minna Dieffenbacher is an award-winning mask-maker, who has created actor-training masks for Cirque du Soleil, the Julliard School, and Circle-in-the-Square in New York City, as well as university programs and international performing artists.

Joe Dieffenbacher is a former circus clown and elephant jumper, co-founder of Los Payasos Mendigos, and former lead instructor of Clown, Mask Performance & Design, and Slapstick-Acrobatics, at the Dell’Arte School in California. When not performing he continues to teach workshops in Europe and Scandanavia.

Nakupelle’s performance of Bon Appétit at Manchester’s Xtrax festival on a late Saturday evening in 2000 was one of my personal favourite shows of the year. The energy, the relationship with the (potentially difficult !) audience and the simple audacity of the show were all tremendous.” Jonathan Holloway, Festival Director “Watch This Space” National Theatre, London

Current Shows

The Trap – A janitor, a high ladder, a dying sunflower, suspenseful acrobatics and sublime slapstick. A man tries to get a dying sunflower closer to the sun, but the ladder has other ideas. The Trap features Joe Dieffenbacher, former circus artist and elephant jumper and shnicky-shnack man.

Baggies – Deep down in the folds of fabric something stirs and suddenly they appear – two mysterious curious characters who engage the audience with their goofy vulnerability and mischeivous play. Part mask performance, part puppet show, Baggies combines beautiful masks with ingenious use of movement and costume to create a poetic performance.

The Trap
Minimum space required: 10metre circle or 10 metre wide x 8 metre deep.

Technical requirements: 3 meter high ladder
Playing area MUST be hard, solid, and level. (The show cannot be played on grass, gravel, or sand).

Minimum space required: 4 metres x 4 metres

Additional requirements:
A quiet performing space
A background (a back drop or against a building)
A shaded area
A secure dressing room and storage area.


Other Shows

Bon Appetit – The mad comic catches fruit and vegetables on his face. Culinary slapstick and absurd acrobatics.

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