Natural Theatre Company

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Natural Theatre Company is based in the City of Bath and is one of the most well established street theatre companies in Europe.
Our experienced group of performers has been making people laugh for over 40 years in nearly 80 countries.
We specialize in walkabout theatre but also perform indoor theatre shows and animate site-specific journeys.
Our style of visual humour transcends cultural and language barriers with characters recognised and laughed at worldwide.

Natural Theatre Company combines a unique style of visual comedy with an impeccable eye for detail, producing a delightfully absurd kind of street theatre with in excess of 100 characters and scenarios. New scenarios are constantly being added to the repertoire and street theatre workshops can be incorporated into our performance programme.

From stereotypical British types to surreal eccentrics, the precisely observed characters wander through a crowd acting out a scenario. Every performance is different. What happens within the scenario is improvised and dependent upon who, or what, is encountered on the way.

The observers become the observed as onlookers turn into willing participants in the Naturals bizarre take on everyday life.

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