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NWSI perform large and small scale visual and participatory Street Theatre without words worldwide. Currently the company offers four medium and large scales shows; Chromarama, Specnic, Delireality, and Grand Magix and a number of interventions and parades; Les Oiseaux de Lux, The Butterfly Collection, The Drumming Robots, The Samba Ants, The Spider The Caterpillar The Dancing Giants etc. for further details email me.

Since 1993 NWSI have completed over 400 international tours in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Eire, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Qatar, Australia, Venezuela, Brazil, USA, Canada, Iceland, Rumania, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland. Full details of our touring history are on the NWSI website.

NWSI aim to transform the urban context, surprise, astonish, delight, move, suspend disbelief, combat xenophobia, induce amiable mayhem, challenge social norms, create beauty, humor, and a zone of playfulness.

To achieve these aims NWSI defy conventional performance genres combining sculpture with ballet. live music with giant scale puppetry using helium assisted flight giant inflatable puppets stilts Pyrotechnics fire sculpture and many other techniques.

NWSI create all their own costumes and performances and are are interested in special commissions and collaborations as in the 2012 event with Trimdon Concert Brass band In the Durham Brass festival

Lynn Gardner, the Guardian drama critic, rated NWSI in the top three UK Street Theatre groups

In 2001 Fiona Ellis in the Northern Review event of the month rated Grand Magix, the NWSI finale at the Stockton International Riverside Festival top equal, with Robert Lapage?s Dark Side of the Moon.

NWSI at the Fira delighted the audience with a torrent of visual imagery and after a storm of applause left everyone with the pure excitement of art.
– Carlos Gill, Director of the Fira de Carrer de Tarrega, 1995


Beautifully graceful body movements, incredible stretched costumes, and alarm activating fireworks, combined with an excellent musical mix gave their set an irresistible edge over the competition.

– Review of the Plymouth Barbican Street Theatre Festival, 1995


Neighbourhood Watch Stilts was the group that stunned spectators with its “extraordinary explosion of colour and movement”.

– Little Hampton Gazette, 1997

A complete and lasting impression was guaranteed by the work of Newcastle street theatre company Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International. Three times they plunged into the Kronenplatz and three times they astounded the crowds with their fantastic costumes and enchanting performance. The ensemble transfixed the gaze of young and old alike.

– Karlsruhe daily paper, Montag 15 Juli 1996


Fire, noise, smoke, drums, stilt-walkers and evil giants invaded the audience as Armageddon descended on Arundel Castle! It was pure, visceral, thrilling theatre…a superb and totally fantastic finale of a type which people seldom experience.

– Jeremy Evans, 1997.

I was completely blown away by Neighbourhood Watch and the impact they had on the kids, it was as if their world had changed once they saw them, because they never had conceived that creatures like that could exist

-Paul Collard , Drector of the Newhaven Festival of Arts and Ideas USA Newhaven Register, 1998 .
Place Masséna hier après midi c’est le chenille qui redémarre Un mille pattes extraordinaire par sa longueur, ses couleurs et surtout par son originalitéas

Nice Matin lundi 18 Fevrier 2002 (at Nice Carnival Parade)


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